Vlog Ep #05: Kids Figure Stuff Out (And What That Means For Math Education)

Have you ever felt like banging your head on the wall when trying to get kids to learn something? Do you feel you’re not up to the task of “getting through to these kids” and making them learn something?

Here’s a simple suggestion from me: trust the kids’ natural abilities to make sense of their world.

Don’t sit on your hands and leave it all in the kids’ hands, of course: that isn’t what I mean.

But allow the capabilities built into every human being to “kick in” in response to your input. It’s your job to create the best atmosphere for learning to take place; you just don’t have to make it happen due to your force of character, cajoling, pleading or other desperate tactics.

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2 Replies to “Vlog Ep #05: Kids Figure Stuff Out (And What That Means For Math Education)”

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bob! I am continually amazed at what very young children can do, often without anyone deliberately teaching them!

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