Asian Kids Beat Out the West in Math Again

Pisa test results released:

Why do western nations like the US, Australian and the UK struggle to compete on the international stage when it comes to school mathematics?

A couple of days ago, the Programme for International Student Achievement (PISA) results from OECD countries were released. I encourage you to go over and have a look.

If you’d rather read someone else’s summary of what is shown in the results, try one of these articles. It’s fascinating to see the different interpretations put on the results in just these few media outlets:

National Rankings:

The big majority of visitors to this site are in the following five countries. Check out the position of each one on the mathematics test, out of 65 in the PISA rankings:

  • USA – 36th
  • Australia – 19th
  • UK – 26th
  • New Zealand – 22nd
  • Canada – 13th

What can educators in the West do about the relatively poor showing of their students in mathematics?