Math Teachers Survey 2012

Do you teach mathematics?

Are you a teacher who teaches mathematics?

In 2011 I asked my readers what they were looking for to help them to teach mathematics, and their responseswere very helpful.

This year, my list has grown, and the number of visitors is significantly up also. I’d really like to know what you think is important in your classroom, and how I can best help you with your mathematics teaching.

Click to enter the survey:

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The survey is completely anonymous, and should only take you a few minutes. Your time would be most appreciated – thanks in advance! So you know I take note of what my followers tell me, in a few weeks I will put up a follow-up post to let everyone know the results.

More Information About This Survey

In case you wondered why I’m putting up this survey, I’m happy to tell you that I am planning to start showing my products at trade shows, in Australia, the UK and the US. (When I do, you’ll be sure to know if you come to this site or are on one of my mailing lists).

The information provided in the survey by classroom teachers is straight-forward market research; basically, I need to know what teachers think, what they are looking for, and how decisions are made about purchasing resources to use in the classroom. Producing quality resources is really expensive, especially in time, and I don’t want to guess what teachers are actually looking for and miss the mark.

How You Can Help

I would appreciate it if you could let your network of fellow teachers know about the survey – the more teachers who respond, the better prepared I will be to take the next step. Feel totally free to share this page on Facebook or Twitter, or by email.

If you care to add more information right here, please leave a comment below, and thank you!

4 Replies to “Math Teachers Survey 2012”

  1. I have used this website several times since you have introduced to us. I have even passed on the link to some of my parents who have come to me and have struggled with helping their child with homework. I have not exposed the students to the link, due to my thought that middle school students are not mature enough to use the site as a tool as opposed to using it as a solution center. I know students still need to demonstrate knowledge through assessment, but my thoughts are students will take the easy road out until pushed to demonstrate understanding.

    1. Aracely, thanks for the comment.

      My intention up to now has been to write for teachers and parents (who might also be homeschoolers), rather than students. I have some ideas for doing videos for students, which a couple of people have mentioned, so thanks for mentioning it. There are weekly videos on the Free Math Worksheets “sub-site” which students could view, perhaps.

      Your comment about students taking the easy road is spot on, I think. We have to find ways to encourage and persuade students to work hard to think mathematically.

  2. You should consider going to, or having a representative at, the annual gatherings of the Association for Teaching Mathematics and the Mathematical Association, both of which occur at Easter. (Unfortunately, this year they are taking place in parallel. Usually, they are more or less back to back.)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Doug. I take it these are in the UK? It’s a bit far for me, sorry to say.

      I will, however, be an exhibitor in London at BETT, Jan 30 – Feb 2, 2013.

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