Once children have mastered the numbers to 10, they should be introduced to the numbers up to 20, and then to 99. This is the introduction to place value, one of the foundations of mathematics.
  • Teaching Strategies: Numbers 11 to 99

    Advice on teaching the two-digit numbers, including the handling of teen numbers.

  • Double Ten Frames: Numbers 11 to 20

    Double ten frames recommended for showing students the numbers 11 to 19, to help them to deal with the inconsistencies in the number names.

  • Counting: Numbers 11 to 99

    The idea of "skip counting" in one place is useful for teaching place value, focusing attention on values in each place.

  • Flashcards: Numbers 11 to 99

    Use flashcards to help students to become familiar with two-digit numbers 11 to 99, including representations which show place value.

  • Place Value to 99

    Understanding place value is a foundation for being able to work with multidigit numbers, especially in the written algorithms.