The idea of "skip counting" in one place is useful for teaching place value, focusing attention on values in each place.

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  • Odometer Quick Start Guide

    2pp. Features and functions of the Odometer Gadget: Count in 1s, 2s & 5s in any place up to millions and down to thousandths. Click the up or down arrow to show how the numbers in each of the places change.

  • Scrolling Hundred Board Quick Start Guide

    6pp. Features and funcitons of the Scrolling Hundred Board Gadget: A hundred board that scrolls from 0 to 2000. Scrolling arrows and options allow for counting, highlighting multiples and special numbers.

  • Easy Place Value Quick Start Guide

    3pp. Features and functions of the Easy Place Value Gadget: Animates grouping of ones and tens using 6 different resources