Shipping & Deliveries Policy - Professor Pete’s Classroom

Courageous Investing Pty Ltd, trading as Professor Pete’s Classroom (“The Company”) produces digital and physical goods to support excellent mathematics education, which may be purchased via the website or other associated websites or associated domains.

Goods sold by the Company are clearly described as either digital/downloadable or physical/hard copy resources. The purchaser of digital resources is responsible for accessing, downloading and saving the electronic files that comprise the purchased resources. The Company will not provide physical copies of purchased digital resources.

As per The Company’s User Agreement with PayPal and OFAC regulations, and any similar agreements with other third parties, no goods will be shipped to addresses in any of the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Balkans, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.

Links to download purchased or free digital goods produced by The Company will be provided to customers via electronic mail at zero additional cost.

Goods sold as physical goods which are physically shipped to the purchaser, including BlitzIt Mathematics resources, may not be copied, scanned, duplicated, reprinted or reproduced in any way without express written agreement from the Company. Goods such as BlitzIt Mathematics Radar Books are clearly described as student workbooks; purchasers must ensure that each student has his or her own original copy of the goods.

User End Licenses on our products prohibit resale or transfer to another person. Downloadable products for which a refund has been given must be deleted from all devices on which they have been saved, and must not be transferred to other people, locations or devices; any and all hard copies of downloaded resources must be destroyed or discarded so that they cannot be reused.

Current as at 11 January 2020. Further information will be provided on request from