Think Bubble Math Numbers to 99
Visual animated presentations in the Think Bubble Mathematics series on the topic of Numbers to 99.

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  • Introduction to Tens and Ones [PowerPoint TBM105]

    48 slides. Introducing Ten and Ones in numbers to 99. Read, write, spell and say the numbers displayed with animating bundling sticks, base ten blocks, marbles and Unifix cubes. Interactive PowerPoint Think Bubble Math 105

  • Tens and Ones Template

    1 p. Template for duplications for writing numbers with Tens and Ones. Use with “Introduction to Tens and Ones” [PowerPoint TBM105]

  • Regrouping with Tens and Ones [PowerPoint TBM201]

    34 slides.Tens and Ones explored with a focus on regrouping for example 6 Tens to 4 Tens and 26 Ones. Number expanders used for some examples. Interactive PowerPoint Think Bubble Math 201

  • Tens and Ones Regrouped

    3 pp. Tens and ones worksheet to accompany “Regrouping with Tens and Ones” [PowerPoint TBM201]