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Inside Track: Counting by Ten or Twenty

Teaching Video:

Key Idea:

Skip counting by 10 or 20 allows students to focus on place value, since the ones are not changing while the tens are incremented.


“Skip counting” is a useful learning activity, which helps students to see patterns in the counting number sequence. By counting forwards or backwards by tens, we focus on the idea that the ones are independent of the tens, and are unaffected when the number of tens changes.

As shown in the video, recommended resources include:

  • 100 grid
  • number line
  • base ten material

Extending These Activities:

Students can try activities where the numbers have more places and the tens are changed. For example, extend the following patterns:

  • 154, 164, 174, 184, …
  • 802, 812, 822, …
  • 1495, 1505, 1515, 1525, …
  • 681, 671, 661, …

Counting by Ten or Twenty

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