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Welcome to Professor Pete’s Classroom

Who are we?

Our business is owned and run by the two of us: husband and wife Dr Peter and Mrs Trish Price. Based in Queensland, Australia, we are passionate about teaching mathematics well, and helping as many other teachers and parents as we can to do the same.

In 2001 Peter earned his doctorate in K-6 mathematics education. This experience provided him with insights into how children best learn math, and contributed to his conviction that math is best learned via “mental models” of what numbers represent. These models are formed as children use visual and physical representations of numbers, including base ten blocks, ten frames, and lots of other models which show children just what happens when you use numbers and operations.

What are our resources for teaching math?

We have been teaching mathematics for over 35 years now, and have developed a set of hundreds of resources for K-6 mathematics which we believe are among the best in the world.

Our resources, not found on any other website, include:

  • worksheets
  • flashcards
  • lesson plans
  • teaching strategy advice
  • games
  • assessment tests
  • supporting videos for teachers and students
  • flashcard practice videos
  • interactive software Professor Pete’s Gadgets (optional extra subscription)


We hope that you like the sample resources. If that’s all you need, you are welcome to them without any further commitment.

But if you’d like more, take advantage of our membership offers which we will email to you. These provide you with a full year’s access to:

  • ALL our K-6 math resources, for one subscription covering all your children
  • Our unique interactive teaching tool software, called Professor Pete’s Gadgets

Any time you decide you’d rather not hear from us any more, click the “Manage my subscriptions” link at the bottom of all our emails, and you can select which of our emails you wish to receive in the future.


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