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Inside Track: Addition and Subtraction Rainbow Facts

Teaching Video:

Key Idea:

Pairs of numbers whose sum is 10 are useful for many real-life applications, including shopping.
Knowing all the pairs whose sum is 10 is very useful, and are not difficult to learn with a ten frame.

Ten frames allow children to subitize easily the number of counters, and to develop familiarity with the numbers to 10 and their features.

Other strategies for these facts include number lines and number fact grids.

Extending These Activities:

Addition and subtraction basic number facts can be extended to multiples of ten, or to related facts which have a multiple of ten added. For example, starting with the rainbow fact “3 + 7 = 10”, students could derive facts such as:

  • 30 + 70 = 100
  • 13 + 7 = 20
  • 23 + 27 = 50

Addition and Subtraction Rainbow Facts

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