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Grade K-2 Week 8: Common Fractions: Halves, Fourths & Quarters

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Children can learn about the simplest fractions through doing various activities, including paper folding, finding fractions on a number line, or dividing and shading geometric shapes.

This set of worksheets follows on from last week’s. After students have learned about halves, they can move on to halves of halves, or fourths/quarters.

The activities in these worksheets are of three types, which teachers or parents can adapt for use with their own students or children:

  • paper folding: fold a piece of paper into a number of equal parts; try finding different ways to fold for each fraction
  • use a number line to find fractions in the space between the two ends; slide your fingers from opposite ends to find the “mid point” or half-way point
  • shade geometric shapes in different ways to show halves and fourths/quarters

Common Fractions: Halves, Fourths & Quarters

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