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Inside Track: Count on 2

Teaching Video:

Key Idea:

Counting is an efficient strategy for adding small amounts (up to 3). Using this strategy relies on recalling the sequence of number names.

Counting is a “natural” strategy for adding two quantities, and one that children will adopt quite naturally without much encouragement. However, for increments of more than 3, counting is simply inefficient, so for those examples we use other strategies.

Counting on 2 uses the sequence of number names, skipping the next number and landing on the one after. Adding two results in a number which is the same as the starting number with regards to being odd or even. Note that if the question starts with “2” (e.g., “2 + 6″), the child should start with the other number and count on 2.

As with all basic addition facts, we recommend using ten frames and number lines to support this strategy, as explained in the video.

Extending These Facts:

Students can extend these facts to numbers beyond the single digits. For example:

  • 14 + 2
  • 20 + 90
  • 0.7 + 0.2

Count On 2

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