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Inside Track: Multiplying by 10

Teaching Video:

Key Idea:

To multiply any amount by 10, move each digit one place to the left.

Multiplying by 10 is one of the easiest sets of multiplication facts, and involves thinking about place value. To the young child, it appears that all we have to do is to add a zero to the end of the number. However, rather than talking of “adding a zero”, which could be misunderstood, talk about turning “ones” into “tens”.

For example, 6 x 10:

  • Move the 6 ones into the tens place, making 6 tens.
  • Then we write (not add) a zero in the ones place, because it is empty.

Extending These Facts:

For students who find these facts easy, you could ask them to multiply by 20 or 30. For example, “What is 5 x 30?” Think of the 5 x 3 fact, then move the digits in the answer one place to the left, insert a zero in the ones place.

Multiplying by 10

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