Credo - Professor Pete’s Classroom

Our Credo
If you agree with the following credo, we want to get to know you better.

We believe:

  1. Every child can succeed at learning math
  2. I have not mastered the teaching of math; I can always improve
  3. The results my students achieve in math are a direct reflection of how well I have taught them
  4. Remembering how to correctly follow math procedures does not mean a person is “good at math”
  5. Math should be the most important lesson of the day
  6. Students who do not understand the math they have been exposed to did not learn it
  7. Every child should memorise the multiplication facts for instant recall from age 9 years
  8. Learning math is about rigour and hard work, which should lead to better understanding and better results, rather than having fun
  9. The activity of learning math has transformative power to change a life and a person’s future forever