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Inside Track: Easy Multiplication and Division Revision

Teaching Video:

Key Idea:

Once multiplication and division facts have been memorized, it is important to regularly review and revise the facts.


This set of worksheets should be used at any time after students have learned all the easy multiplication and division facts, including the 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x facts. These are recommended for students in Grade 2 (US), Year 2 (UK), or Year 3 (Australia).

Strategies are recommended to help students to learn the facts initially, as shown in many other videos in this series. However, by the time these worksheets are used, it is hoped that students have committed the facts to memory, and so do not need the strategies any longer.

It is recommended to time the students as they do each worksheet in this series, so that they can see their progress and aim to improve their times each day.

Extending These Activities:

STudents who can recall these facts quickly can be encouraged to learn other sets of multiplication and division facts, using recommended thinking strategies. The next three sets of number facts and recommended strategies would be:

  • 4x (double double)
  • 9x (nines patterns)
  • 6x (build from 5x or double 3x)

Alternatively, students can be encouraged to simply improve their times on these facts so that their recall becomes nearly instantaneous.

Easy Multiplication and Division Revision

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